Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Price of towels

Okay a comment came through and blogger never told me.  I really feel bad that I haven't answered this bloggers question, but all sports towels are the hand towel size and sell for $5.00 plus shipping.  If you want a larger towel, then I will need to check on the pricing. 

New designs added

New designs added to the library.  Kristen needed an old white handkerchief to clean out her flute with.  I decided to jazz it up just a bit.  I know for a rag right? But I thought that this way there would be no question that it was her handkerchief when all of the beginning flute players gathered together to clean out the instrument. 
The second pattern is a volleyball.  I made this design for my husband, sometimes you just have to wipe off the sweat.  Remember that it can be done in both the school colors or white your choice.  Plus instead of ATC I would be thrilled to put your athletes name, numer or position on the towel.  I could even put all three on it if you so choose.